pB (Papa Burr)

Born in Cali for 4 years, raised & grew up in Chicago for 18 years, & now I've been living in L.A./Los Angeles since August 1st, 2012. I produce and do other shit I wont say on here.

Instagram: papa_burr

Just because I once told you I liked you…..

…..Doesn’t mean I’ll stay the fucking same lmfao……

I get over my feelings quick, like, the more time I trap you in my head to think about the situation, the faster I end up like “the fuck was I thinking?”I just noticed I don’t tell people I don’t like them. That last post, I had like 7 people in my head, & after I finished it, I was like “Wow, I never told ANY of them that I don’t like them anymore. So how many actually fucking thinks the feeling is still there?”

That’s when you create the opportunity to hurt THEIR feelings, even if the intentions wasn’t premeditated. People just tend to get butt fucked when their presence isn’t gaining that attention anymore. I just feel like I’m too damn grown to say "I don’t like you anymore"; but I feel I may have to start doing that….. Because when you don’t, ANYTHING you make that pertains to the relevance of “emotion & feelings” automatically entitles them to assume you was talking about them.Clearly not bitch. Who are you? #iLLwait